Accurate and Secure
Voting Technology
Online Voting Technology
Looking for a way to leverage technology more fully when it comes to your executive promotion process? With Corporate Events Online online voting platform you can rely less heavily on in person meetings and flying executives around the world to meet at one location to vote on company candidates.

Corporate Events Online will set up your meetings in our system with all the candidates’ polls and PowerPoint slides which can be customized to your specific wishes. Prior to the meetings several tests are run with your IT teams to ensure all locations can access our technology.
Real Time Voting
When the discussion of the candidate is done, a vote will be called. Committee members and voting evaluators will then select their choice. The technology quickly highlights which votes may be missing to ensure all votes are collected. Votes can be manually added or removed real time if there are any issues with members accidentally voting.
Real Time Voting
Voting Results
If it has been determined that individual voting results will be shared to the group, then the voting results screen will display after the vote has been collected. The screen displays the numeral and visual segmentation of each response, the total number of votes and the mean score.
Voting Results
Why wait to get accurate and secure voting?

Why Corporate Events Online?
Use our online voting technology for:
Accurate voting
Reliable and secure technology
Real time response
Downloadable stats
Manual addition / deletion flexibility
Laptop or iPad
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