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Hungry Coyote
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Hungry Coyote is a fiction picture book by Cheryl Blackford. It is a gorgeously illustrated story of a year in the life of an urban coyote and his struggle to feed his growing family. Readers follow the eponymous coyote across four seasons in his city park habitat. The creature is introduced in winter, where people in colorful coats play in the snow unaware of the nearby coyote unsuccessfully hunting for his dinner. Spring finds him at the same lake, now marshy and teeming with dining options. The coyote's mate has given birth to six pups in a memorial rock garden. Summer features a stolen sausage chain from picnickers, which makes a treat for the quickly growing puppies. Soon children playing in leaves compose the foreground, while silhouetted coyote pair howls on the distant shore. The coyote family feasts on a Canada goose amid flurries. An afterword details the lives of city coyotes, focusing on their habitats and eating habits, as well as advice on what to do during an encounter. The gorgeous watercolors depicting wildlife in its urban park setting are strikingly realistic.

Hungry Coyote

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