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Previous Video    Next Video is a joint effort by Glia Group, Inc. and the Bankers Information Network. The principals behind Glia Group are familiar to many bankers. Mary Beth Guard spent many years as a banking lawyer, serving as general counsel for the Oklahoma Banking Department and the Oklahoma Bankers Association. She is nationally known as a banking speaker and author. Carin Eisenhauer spent more than a decade working with bankers on complex compliance matters. Dr. Michele Petry is an Internet pioneer and visionary who spent several years in the banking industry as a technology consultant. As Internet pioneers, the three women developed a number of groundbreaking informational websites, dating back to 1994. Glia Group produces the highly acclaimed BOL Learning Connect webinars.

The Bankers Information Network ("BIN"), headed by George Milner, offers up-to-date DVD and video training programs through the Bankers Video Library. BIN is also the publisher of two of the leading newsletters in the banking industry: Compliance Action, edited by Lucy Griffin, one of the most respected names in bank compliance, and Bankers' Hotline, edited by Barbara Hurst, a legend in the bank operations and security fields. You'll find contributions from Lucy Griffin and Barb Hurst throughout the site.

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